Precision engineered homes

We deliver desirable, affordable and flexible homes which are designed around the needs of the individuals and communities they serve.

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Our Vision

A different design for the future

At ILKE Homes, we use intelligent off-site processes to provide customisable, high quality homes and create inspiring places to live.

Using advanced manufacturing techniques and drawing upon a wealth of experience from two industry leaders – Keepmoat and Elliott - we deliver quality for both developer and end customer.

We create homes which are designed around the needs of the individuals and communities they serve.

Our homes
Expert Manufacture

A revolutionary approach

All ILKE Homes are engineered in a rigorously controlled, specialist off-site environment. This means that manufacture is executed to expert standards, utilising state-of-the-art technology and manufacturing processes.

Our unique solution

An award nominated venture

Ilke has already been nominated for 3 categories at this year’s Offsite Construction Awards

  • Housing project of the year
  • Best use of volumetric technology
  • Best hybrid construction project

Homebuilding that looks to the future

ILKE Homes have created a range of customisable low rise housing products which meet new national and local space standards and zero carbon homes standards. We provide a wide range of options to enable you to create a home that work around your needs.

Customisable features

An expert partnership

ILKE Homes is based on the expertise of two complementary industry leaders. Keepmoat are one of the UK’s leading homebuilders and housing delivery partners. Elliott are world-leaders in off-site manufacturing and construction of schools, hospitals, restaurants and residential buildings.

Unbeatable quality