Ilke Homes helps to solve the UK’s chronic shortage in housing, delivering high quality, energy-efficient homes to the people who need them most.

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Building better homes, in a better way

our vision

Ilke Homes offers a viable solution to the UK’s housing crisis by building better homes in a better way. Our homes are consistently high quality and energy-efficient, designed with the needs of future residents in mind.


Working in partnership with registered providers and developers, we will deliver 2,000 precision-engineered homes a year within two years from our Yorkshire factory. With flexible layouts and finishes to meet the needs of our partners, ilke Homes are spacious, energy-efficient and designed with future families in mind.


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RT @JMDT999: Appeared before the Parliamentary Select Committee on Modern Methods of Construction - @KeepmoatHomes is proud to be a key partner of @ilkehomes & to be delivering over 400 ilke homes to March 2020 - we have more sites identified. Delivering quality homes where they are needed


RT @gallifentjane: Thank you to @ilkehomes @nickdavidge and Tom Oliver for their time and viewing the production of factory built homes in Knaresborough! #thefuture #embracechange


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